Alliant Techsystems, Inc.

ATK (NYSE: ATK), headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, is a premier aerospace and defense company with more than 17,000 employees in 21 states and over $4.5 billion in revenue. ATK is a company that has benefitted from merging with and acquiring existing established entities from throughout the defense and aerospace industries. However, as the growth occurred, ATK found itself lacking a defined identity, with its business units often referred to as their previous name or brand. [ Read More ]

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To remedy this situation, ATK held an agency review in the last quarter of 2007. After reviewing a number of communications firms, ATK selected The Cirlot Agency as agency of record. As a first step in solidifying the ATK brand, The Cirlot Agency met with senior management members from across the country for a two-day brand summit held in Baltimore. From that meeting, and numerous site visits across the country, The Cirlot Agency developed a branding plan, marketing plan and a media strategy (on which we later based the media buy). Tactics executed for ATK include assisting in the development of a corporate video, creating graphics and materials for trade show support, and the design and placement of various forms of print advertising in the following national and international publications:

  • Army Magazine
  • Aviation Week
  • Defense Daily
  • Defense News
  • Jane's Defence Weekly
  • Army Times
  • Air Force Times
  • Navy Times
  • Marine Corps Times
  • Space News
  • CQ Today
  • CQ Weekly
  • Congressional Daily AM
  • Roll Call
  • Armada
  • Fuerzas de Defensa y Seguridad Magazine
  • Tecnolgia Militar
  • Shephard Group – Defence Helicopter
  • Australian Defence Magazine
  • National Defense Magazine
  • Defense & Security of India

Thus far, the effort has successfully defined and branded ATK to its employees, customers and prospects. The Cirlot Agency is currently working on the next phase of branding for ATK.

As an added benefit, ATK has had multiple feature articles on company growth and corporate leadership in such publications as the Wall Street Journal, Defense News, Bloomberg, and numerous others.

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