“Every person assembled here tonight from Raytheon and Northrop Grumman played an important role in this win. The only vendor, or better yet partner, invited to celebrate this win tonight is a group that has been with us since the beginning four years ago. They positioned the Gold Team as winners before we ever drafted the first proposal or submitted the first design. Frankly, they have become a trusted partner and ally to both Bat and I as well as the entire Gold Team. Please join me in welcoming and thanking Rick Looser and The Cirlot Agency. We wouldn’t be here without them.”

Speech by Jack Cronin,
Fmr. VP Raytheon in charge of DD(X) Program,
at Down Select Celebration
October 2, 2002
New Orleans, LA

“I don’t know if your team has a better design than ours and I don’t know who is going to be awarded the contract – but I do know this – Every time I open the latest issue of Defense News, your ads make you look like the winners. Your advertising and PR is kicking our ass.”

Blue Team Program Manager
As told by Bat Robinson,
VP Northrop Grumman in Charge of DD(X),
Surface Navy Show 2000

“After nearly two years of buyouts, mergers and multiple name changes, our company had literally lost its DNA. The Cirlot Agency helped us resurrect our competency themes, redefine who we are and how we will compete in the marketplace. The result has been a company recognized in its industry as a leader. A leader with renewed DNA, a leader that can compete and win in the market place.”

Dan Grafton
CEO (Retired)
L-3 Vertex Aerospace

“The vast experience Cirlot brings to the table is something that can’t be duplicated in the Defense industry. ICGS Deepwater is a program that has been on the fast track from the beginning. Cirlot hit the ground running and has never looked back. The Coast Guard, Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin have been very pleased with Cirlot’s performance. From the website to the tradeshow and collateral materials, our communications tools have worked extremely well. I hope to work with Cirlot for a long time to come.”

Margaret Mitchell Jones
Communications Director
ICGS Deepwater

“The Cirlot Agency has worked for many high profile companies in the Aerospace and Defense industry. They have always exhibited professionalism, media savvy and industry knowledge. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any of our Aviation Week clientele.”

Tom Davis
Regional Manager
Aviation Week

“Now more than ever it’s important for the Defense Industry to be seen and heard by Congress and Official Washington! Niche multi-platforms are a way to target your message within the Beltway. The Cirlot Agency understands Beltway advertising!

“As one of the top three defense communications firms in the country, The Cirlot Agency understands that targeted niche advertising produces results. With Cirlot’s Defense Industry experience they utilized W*USA 9’s niche Defense platform This Week in Defense News to speak to Congress with multi-platform branding through broadcast, online, email blast and print.

“They have extensive capabilities in consulting, brand development, integrated communication and market intelligence. The Cirlot Agency has the pulse on the Beltway and the Defense Industry.”

Kimberly DeCredico
Integrated Marketing Executive

“There is no doubt in my mind that The Gold Team changed the rules of the game when it comes to industry teamed partners and program advertising. They hit first and they hit often with great advertising and strategic public relations. Ad after ad stayed on message and on target. They were able to hit the customer as well as the Hill with great precision. The execution of the ads was flawless and it is some of the best work that has run in the publication.”

Fred Rainbow
Former Publisher
Naval Proceedings

“The Cirlot Agency is one of the top two or three Defense advertising agencies in the country. Year after year, program after program, they continue to produce great work. They have been advertising with our group for almost 20 years and their creative work always grabs attention in our pubs.”

Renee Wheeler
Defense News Media Group

“The Cirlot Agency has always been the consummate professional in my dealings with them. They have always done their homework and been prepared. They take the time to thoroughly understand their client’s campaign goals — and to understand the field of defense publications – choosing the right advertising vehicle at the right time to maximize the impact of each campaign.”

Janet Murphy
IHS Janes

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  • DDX
  • L3 Vertex
  • ICGS Deepwater
  • Aviation Week
  • Defense News
  • IHS Jane's
  • Naval Proceedings
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